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Sunday, October 23, 2011

ride yesterday.

the map for the ride yesterday was posted on the new site.

link to the site is... NEW TRIP SITE ONLY

link to the page with the ride map.... is... MAP...  While the map is yet another link IN that page... I extended the little ride into a 10 mile trip instead of only 5 miles as shown.  We went up the mountain, met a few neighbors, were snapped by passengers in cars out looking at leaves.  

It was so funny, they were hanging out of their cars as if they had never seen a horse.  Passengers leaning over the driver to get a better shot.  It was funny to see.

it is after all leaf season here!

While my incredible husband loves me, he trust me to do what ever I want and expects to like it!   I can only say thank goodness we have similar taste.

Here are our new decks... THREE in all
Above are the 12x12 and the step down ... 8x8

Below is the higher 8x8 that you step down to the 12x12.

Just an enjoyable shot of the country side around here.  I spent the day with the horses, Jerry spent the day on the bike.

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