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Saturday, October 8, 2011

time for blogging

With working several jobs, riding at least one horse a day I find very little time to put my words on paper, or even electronic entry. 

I am however taking off today from riding the horses as I am in the mountains with the guys...
You know that crazy group of K12 riders that has supported my life style for years now....  I have not shown up at one of these gathering sense Navarre was born, all my free time has been devoted to him, with all that is necessary to make my life easier in the years to come.

I do enjoy such a diverse group of people, I enjoy that with such a open group; as they do not see me as SOOOO out of the box that my life is unusual ill spent or wasted.  These are men that take a risk whether it be speed, financial advancements, or career choices.  It is nice to be inspired by such men.

Neighors are taking care of the horses this morning, and I will meet them tomorrow morning for a pleasure ride up the mountain by 8am. 

Decks are well on their way, as I will soo have a gathering place for friends and family at the barn, clear or clean of horses and their deposits.   All are welcome, just let me know if you are coming ha ha ha...

My time here today has been to read and catch up on ME TIME, something I have not had in a while.  Yes I have been home ... yes that is nice , but it also is tiring as I have several stops to make when home.  This is wonderful, as the trees are brightly colored over here and it is a visual taste of what is headed my way in only days I am sure. 

Clean air, sun shine, a good book to finish, and a chatt from time to time.  ( one guy low sided it... and needs new panels... not even his bike.   I'll call a few dealers later! so he has an idea of what he is in for$$$$ ) simple things... I don't mind doing for someone that needs a piece of mind, so he can enjoy the rest of his stay! ...

Loving my day hope you are.


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