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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today's work out was a lunge secession for Navarre, while Sweet Pea was allowed to rest and eat lush grass in the pasture.

What is in a work out?
For me... it is lifting heavy objects over my head, squats, lunge the horses (works my arms more) not to mention just the basics of brushing an outside horse daily.

For the horses... if they are not ridden they are lunged ... A Basic training tool in the horse world, I do both flat ground and hill side depending on the time I have and how Navarre is responding for the day ( meaning how his muscles are working due to the PPSM)

Other wise the horses and I go out for at least a good 8 to 10 mile walk about on the local roads, always ending with the good one mile up hill 8% grade back to the barn.

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