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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Human or Animal?

It is one of those days...
A day when the animals know more than we humans.
Yesterday and today were very bad, a conflict of business practice with a company I had worked with, enjoyed the owners, and considered them friends ... considering we had discussed, wives, x's, children, bikes etc...

Today the conflict ended with? a sour note for both parties.  A note I am not clear on, did not see coming, and ? have only one one idea of my wrong actions.

I take this anger and confusion to the barn, as this is where I normally breathe in nature, my horses, and beauty of fall sounds, colors, and energy.

I loved on my Mare, some simple strokes along her body lines, a gentle kiss on the jaw bone. I was calming down when she ran off, turned around ... ran back to me, did a 180 and kicked the snot out of me from two yards away.

She could have kicked me well across the barn yard, she could have kicked a leg, a rib, for all that my head...  but she aimed at my rump and landed her kick with perfection.  A nice large fleshy area of my body, so she would not kill me.

The point is... I am NOT a politically correct person!  I WAS raised to be a proper little girl, and only learned my solid back bone from a prize winning manipulator that showed me how badly I needed to stand up for myself, as he pushed me to my limits.  Of course the pain and the agony took me 10 years to develop the thick skin I have now.  I play life more like an animal than I do a human.  ? What you ask.  Yep.

You do something to me, you confuse me, by sending me mixed signals and I'm going to ... stand up for myself and give you back what your sending me.

The difference comes in, when I lash out, and let someone know where I stand, where my line is.  I'm done! I go on with my life, I go on with the relationship providing we both stay on our side of the line!

I'll go back to the barn, I'll go through the same routine as I always have and neither Sweet Pea or I will ever point a finger at the other with this mornings issues.  Humans on the other hand sit in their agony, throw in their own emotional "crap" and make it all into a much larger situation that it is.

Animals play life fairly so each can survive as long as possible. Humans do not; they are out to kill who ever gets in their way no matter what it does to the rest of the world.

I'm not sure what happened to the world, society, and work ethics; but I like knowing where I stand with someone (or something) instead of reading between the lines, where most can NOT read it correctly.

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