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Thursday, November 8, 2012

I have always been an outsider! 
I have always been looked at as strange, different, or silly.

I started this blog several years ago because I live 5 hours or more from any of my family.  A family I long for, visited everyday (yes EVERYDAY) if I was within an hour drive I would make the time to see my Maternal Grandparents whom have tied me to the earth, defined right and wrong, shown me the way to treat other people, and created the mortar to the strong brick foundation of laid by my parents.

My parents had little to nothing during the trying times of the 70s and life was not as easy as some of my friends because while both of my parents worked no one was at home keeping us tied to the earth like my grandparents.  It was only my Maternal Grandparents that taught me the feel of the air, the look of the sky, and the actions of animals around their house.

Grant you... when I grew up it was almost a different generation than that of which I am, but it was a solid American thought process and because of that I am now willing to tell the world I am TERRIFIED!

As I made my life harder than it needed to be getting married to a man who said one thing and ment another... not watching him like I would anyother animal but trusting him like a man? MISTAKE... But I learned yet another lesson and have not made that mistake sense.

I once again fell in love and through love with yet another man who supported me in anything I wanted, needed, or simply wanted to experience in life.  My horses being one of those things...
Together we have traveled more of the world than those I grew up with but less than world travelers I come across in my daily activities now.  We have not traveled in some time now due to the economy.

I am not saying this is the end of my world as I know it... although I am sure our business will not make another 4 years of this administration (of now I owe respect too... based on the majority vote of last night) I do respect the office! so I will back our president, but I am putting this is writing that the majority will be sorry after they see the total of his four more years that it will take us generations and generations to get out of.  It is no different how so many are underwater with their homes... we are now underwater as a country!   If you voted for this you are a part of the problem in 4 more years and I don't want to hear your winning THEN when you had the chance YESTERDAY to stop the situtuation! (I've said my piece)

I am all for public assistance.
I am all for EQUAL rights for each and EVERY human.

I am just NOT for generations and generations of public assistance! I am for regulating the use of public assistance so those of the next generation have it, those who need it, those like friends that I have, know, and have and will continue to do what ever I can, share what ever I have (although it is smaller by the day) 

xmpl.... I have people while not everyday close talking friends... I have a connection to them that I would gladly do what ever I can to help them.  THEY DESERVE ASSISTANCE.  They whom deserve assistance are those whom have done all they can and have no control over GOD GIVEN CHALLENGES that others only pray not to have.  I say it ugly; but I say it honestly!   Those whom are given life long challenges from God that are not seen in the public eye as "normal" should have every assistance they can get.  They lived life correctly and continue to but need help that others have only ideas of what one of their days endures. 

I also have friends that have assistance who can't keep a job due to health issues not easily seen by the public eye.  They have tried, they still try to get and keep jobs to this day, but life rears its ugly head and when it does it is VERY obvious to those who see them.  But I see she is making sure her child does NOT live on this assistance... she makes a point to show him how much more he can have by taking care of himself and doing more than she can.  I have to say at this point he is good about helping her out as no one can live well on what assistance she gets... but unlike so many I see she has nothing, but has used all her government assistance to further her son and his outlook on life.

Yes I am being ugly!
Yes I am putting it in black and white...
Yes I am being as honest as a human can be... but here comes the REST...

If you owe anything on your home, house, business, or even a car... just know that in the history of man you are at risk of loosing all you have to a very controlling country.  China basically picks up all our tabs, our banks could call in the note ANY DAY they want to based on the request of the controlling country!

Please know that we as people need to be more self reliant!
What does this mean?

Well for me it means EVERYTHING!
I have horses but I no longer have the time to ride them.
I have horses but I have to find the money to be able to feed them.
I have property but now I have to find a way to have it pay me for every minute I put into it!

What am I going to do?
Well for starters I think I'll get a few chickens... who knows when... as I am a penny pincher ...
It also means I will be hording my water, my dry goods, and anything that can make my life easier in the long run when I do not have a paycheck coming in.  Of which quite frankly I expect to be any day now!

I think I am going to call a bee keeper and see if they would like to put a hive on my estate!

It appears Navarre is doing well with out all his supplements EVERYDAY!
So I am going to discuss with my vet allowing me to give him 1/2 his dosage each day ... allowing me to cut back on some of my expenses with him.

I am also trying to find someone that will ride him daily...
A short ride for starters... but getting longer and longer as time goes on... This way I will be able to use him more around the estate when I need to!

Sweet Pea... I am going to have that same person put her out to pasture 10 minutes a day... until we can work her up to being on grass... (cutting down on my hay expenses) all the time.  This will not allow Navarre to have a play mate but we may be able to make up for that with a goat or something else that will pay off in the long run.  This we shall see. 

Point is... I have to start making plans... this is my place to scribble down my plans... laugh at myself the next day... and pat myself on the back months down the road if I got something right... ?

We shall see!
But all I can say is we all need to plant something in our yards to make our bills a little less next year! and a little more each year as we adjust to the physical labor, the good thing is the more you have your hands in the dirt the healthier you are! ... so this may help us all.

oh well for once I am a scared woman...

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