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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I learned so much from my grandparents ... well my Maternal grandparents that is.  My Paternal... while I loved them as family I never had a great connection to their lifestyle. 

My Maternal Grandparents... Nannie and Paw Paw were my connection to life.  I had coffee with them every morning possible as an adult, and while it sounds strange in today's times it has shown to be one of the best assets of my adult hood.  These stories shared, their way of solving problems, way of looking at life no matter how little money they had or how bad things seemed.

My Paw Paw was one that loved and lived by the farmers almanac... thus I am in the process of sharing this information with you as I can.

Appalachian Region!  I live in the very TIP of this region... the very south... BUT with in miles of the highest point of the region.

Did you know the Appalachian Mountains are in fact some of the OLDEST mountains in the world?
Were you aware we customarily experience small earth quakes all the time?   The rarely make national news as they are only reported locally if over 2.5  and nationally if over 3.0  but they happen all the time under a 2.5 ... just one of the silly things we deal with here!   Just one of the minimal issues we have concerning building codes and the movement of earth etc...

So Back to the Farmers Almanac...

Appalachians are expecting a winter colder and drier than normal... the coldest times from December through early January... again in mid February cold will hit...
Snowfall is expected to be below normal, and a HOT memorial Day Weekend.

Summer is expected to be drier and a bit warmer than normal, with the hottest periods mid-to late June.  early to mid July... Late July... and mid August.

September and October are expected to be warmer and drier than normal for the region.

SO lets all keep an eye on how well the almanac hits the spot.

I'll post each months expectations just to see where we are!  I'm just curious ... lets see what it does for us... or NOT?

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