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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So thankful today... I have started driving my own car again.
Yes I know sounds petty... but my car is small, saves gas, and is not perfect like those of my sweet husband.  In his vehicles I have to watch my boots, my clothes, and even the smells I leave behind.  I hate worrying about such things... Life is too short!

My car I do not care... I do but I don't. 
I'd rather be in a car that smells like leather or a horse, none of that worries me.

My car is a mess,
My car smells like a horse.
Grant, you don't want to be wearing nice expensive clothes in it! BUT ... that is not my lifestyle anyway, SO...

My day was spectacular!
I got all of my side dishes made for lunch tomorrow.
I got the birds settled
The horses done;  AND got to share a tiny lesson with someone else's child.  She desperately wants to ride Navarre BUT she was allowing him to push her around on the ground, thus I can not allow her to ride him till she can control him on the ground.

While I can't do much around the barn, Her father was great help as I directed from a distance and they communicated and she got a better hand on how to control the horses on the ground with out having a hand on them.

I did however backup with Navarre and literally make her take control of him at a simple walk.

Life ... was good watching a bulb go off in someone else.
Life is good when it is shared and life made easier for someone else or another animal down the road.

I will however be VERY worried about Navarre until I see him tomorrow morning... I am sure he will be sore from having being worked so hard today.  We shall see!

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