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Friday, November 9, 2012

It is funny how the outlook of my country scares me more than the outcome of my own life.

I have no children to worry about.
I have no reason to worry about other people... except no one can survive alone and be FULL of life, art, character, and be responsible.  "responsible" yep... it is our duty as humans to live a life we see as right and to show others that same path. 

This is a responsibility looked over by those who are selfish, greedy, and hateful.  This is what the typical Anglo of the United States has done to the only TRUE "American" the Native American Indian... a group of people who live in groups, take only what they need, and share all they have, and are so responsible they trusted the invaders of only 200 years ago.

I am a typical American MUTT, and thus a feel a responsibility for the repression of ALL people of this land... Black, Red,or Yellow in crude terms... I know I myself have done nothing to repress anyone, if anything I extend my hand to any equal or less fortunate than myself.  But this makes me no better than anyone as we are all one and we must ALL pull TOGETHER in order to feed, clothes, and shelter our brother and sisters in this time and need.

I know in my heart even if on one leg I can and I will make my life worth while.  I will be able to plant potatoes, beans, carrots, peas, tomatoes, okra, eggplant, pumpkins, squash and what ever else I can in order to make it through the winters of life.

I already have my apple trees of which I will have to protect next spring...
I already have other fruit trees I will have to protect ... along with other types of edibles on the estate lands.  I am a survivor and thus it is my COUNTRY I am scared to the core of my bones about and for. 

How many out there can as in food preservation?
How many out there salt food for preservation?
How many out there dry food for preservation?
How many out there freeze food for preservation? BUT if you do what is your back up when the power no longer works... (Storms, Fires and Floods)

I have to worry about my horses above anything! as they are my highest cost of living... Shoes, Foot Trimmings, HAY, STORAGE and feeds that will not hurt Navarre.  Oil is a big thing for him!   He must have oil instead of sugars.

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