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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Life always has a way of changing in the blink of an eye.  My life while NOT upside down it has been put at a stand still for a small moment in time.

As I had prepared my mushy feed for the kids Saturday morning, I drove to the barn, got out of the car and proceeded to fall in my walk through the woods.  While I have yet to make it back to the ground on the estate... I am sure I cracked my buckets, and my horses have not had any feed only hay for the past few days as.... friends, family, and farm hands have been the only ones to love on my kids. 

I did however make it into the Explorer (with help of my beloved hubby) to see if Navarre was moving around ok or about to tie up considering he is getting none of his required supplements of his diet.  SweetPea is stuck in her rain coat, as (not that it couldn't be done)... but no one else has ever been able to get the blanket back on her in the past.  So... as long as it breathes... as long as it doesn't get into the 60's I think she will be ok.

I have to have a shout out... Actually I was to SCREAM a thank you to David! while I would love to use his REAL name... he is after all a climbing actor in the US... so my Shout Out to Mr. David Topp who has done Hallmark movies, other short movie skits, as well as his manager and mother... Melanie Star.     These two people have come to my house, made my coffee, brushed my horses, fed them, cleaned and filled their water, gotten them hay twice a day and offered to do EVERYTHING I can't do.

I never thought I would be 44 and not able to get on my pants alone.  I am just today able to sit up strait without pain rushing up and down my back and into my leg. 

I worry about my new job.... I worry they will not understand the pain that radiates from my back, hip, and leg.  I do have my ER paperwork, I also have two appointments with specialist this week.  But I am not the type of person that likes to have my kids taken care of by others that I will owe the rest of my days... much less have a job that they think I will do nothing to pull my weight.  My only issue is I can't move my right leg well enough to stand more than 5 minutes, go up stairs much less trying to walk on rocks at this point. 

I will do everything in my power to make this better... as I have already started to call and interview acupuncturist.. healing touch assistance... and researching exercises I can do on my own to ward this from happening again... or keep it at a minimum...

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